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New3cc pump new head(K305)

3cc pump new head (K305)


  1. Sharp folum shape
    sharp shape different from past products, it is possible to make products look luxury with combination of bottles.

  2. Japan made, short time delivery

  3. structure of water penetration prevention
    Reduce possibility of deterioration of content liquid due to water penetration on using pump.
    [Method] To realize top level effect, compared with competitors by making upper cap external thred, making clearance between piston shaft and upper cap minimum and making water penetration point close to ejector head.
  4. Buck suction function
    Reduce ejection failure caused by consolidation at nozzle part by preventing from content liquid back flowing from the eage of nozzle.
    ( possibility of content liquid scattering)
    [Method] Build structure of pulling back internal content into ejector (to delay second bulb seated than first bulb) after vomitting content liquid.

  5. Improvement in safety and countermeasure against PL
    *Ejector head of open angle (keep 270degree)
    *Ejector head of open leakage occurance angle
    By reinforceing angle, vomit occurenece of content liquid is low caused by slack of ejector head during transportation and at store
    Top level is mainteined as to drop strength by curve of nozzle & nozzle setted part, compated with competitors.
    Countermeasure againt PL is done with making an edge of ejecter head nozzle curved
  6. Light pressing
    smooth feeling with light pressing has been realized, compated with competitors.
  7. Weight saving of products
    realize reduisng residue of scrapped product by seight saving, compared with competitors.

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