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NewΦ23spout & Trigger Spray

23spout details
3cc pump new head

New3cc Pump Dispenser NEW HEAD

3cc pump new head details

New Φ9.5spout & cap

9.5spout details
1.5cc trigger spray

New1.5cc Trigger Spray

product details
trigger spray

Trigger Spray

product details
mini trigger

Mini Trigger Spray

product details
stopper type1cc pump dispenser

stopper type1cc Pump

product details
3cc pump dispenser/1cc pump dispenser

5cc / 3cc Pump Dispenser

product details
finger spray/one drop pump/nasal spray/mini finger spray/long nozzle spray

finger spray
One Drop Pump / Nasal Spray
Mini Finger Spray
Long Nozzle Spray

product details
handy foam pump/foam pump

Handy Foam Pump
Foam Pump

product details
ration cap/quanity cap

ration cap/quanity cap

product details
daily caps

Daily Caps

product details


product details

LIFEPLATECH`s "cosmetic pumps"

Final assembly at Kashiwara plant to achieve Japanese quality

(1st order)Shorter development lead time
(Repeat order)Shorter delivery lead time

* Compatible Products, the finger spray pump one drop, 1cc stopper type pump, mini trigger spray.