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Mini trigger

The integrated stopper mechanism provides for a simple shapes.


  1. Fine Mist through accumulation system
    Accumulator type is adopted in the pump system.Clean mist enables discharge with no potassium drops.
  2. Integrated stopper mechanism
    Through the mechanism of developing a new stopper, the stopper becomes an integral part. it's easy to use and does not become loose.
  3. Primary use
    Cosmetics, Daily goods(Perfumes, lotions, creams, lotions, suntan oils, hair sprays, hair, deodorant), household sundries(Glass cleaner, furniture cleaners, waxes, cleaners for home appliances, gardening pesticide, plants polish, disinfectant, insecticide),Industrial goods (automobiles (frost), and others)

specification table

mechanism accumulation system
discharge 0.3cc
no. of pieces 500 pieces
bottle mouth size
bottle mouth size
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No. component material color
1 nozzle PP Natural*
2 nozzle bush HDPE Natural
3 insert POM Natural
4 cylinder HDPE Natural
5 cylinder holding
PP Natural
6 L-piston LLDPE Natural
7 S-piston LDPE Natural
8 container cap PP Natural*
9 Housing PP Natural
10 Spring shaft PP Natural
11 stopper PP Natural*
12 Trigger PP Natural*
13 Gasket PP/PE White
14 Spring SUS ---
15 Ball SUS -
16 Dip Tube LDPE Natural


* Color can be ordered separately for these components

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