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Basic concept

making everyday comfortable through packaging
As leading company in packaging of cosmetics, pharmacueticals, foods etc. We deliver comfort and happiness through drawing the future of a wide range of various caps, Trigger sprays and pump dispensers

Basic concept

We develop new products is minimum time and sell value added products at value for money prices. Putting quality 1st, we will respond to our request with emphasis on close communicatrion

Product development

to improve creativity and technical skills to anticipate the future and customers needs

to improve creativity and technical skills, the new 3D-CAD, stereolithograhy systems etc. Equipped with the most advanced tools to solve customer problems and to challenge ourselves in developing new products in the shortest time

  • Engineering
    To achieve " ONLY ONE"
    To design product with user freindly functions.
  • Ecology
    Use less resources / environmental friendly materials
  • Cost performance
    Reduce the number of parts, shorter cycle time


From the mold till delivering to the customer
Promise of "safety, secutiry and trust"

Automated molding process automation and embedded from its founding Has enabled high quality and low cost production. Introducing monitering systems and clean rooms in our plants, We strive to produce safe, stable and healthy products certified by the ISO9001.In cooperation with domestic and overseas production sites, Product will be delivered in a short time.


To catch the needs of the customers and to help in " changing dreams into reality"

Our sales company K&K corporation repeatedly communicates with the customers and helps in changing thier suggestions and wishes into reality. High performance, High quality products at low costs, implementation at short notice, all these factors increase the sensitivity of our company to catch the customers voice and wishes