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New1.5cc Trigger Spray

All plastic trigger Spray

Standard cover mist type standard cover foam type
Standard cover
mist type
Standard cover
foam type


  1. Large capacity discharge
    With one ejection,internal liquid discharged is 1.4cc ~ 1.5cc
    New Type TSV15 1.5cc
    TS01 0.8cc
  2. Discharge to a wider area
    As the discharge amount was increased in a single stroke, It is now possible to discharge solution to a wider range.
    TSV15: range at a distance of 30cm(Apporx 233cm)
    TS01 : range at a distance of 30cm (Apporx 17��17cm)
  3. 100% all plastic
    In the spring portion , a durable engineering plastic (polyacetal resin) has been adopted.
    There is no need for separation of waste after use, as the plastic can be recycled.
  4. Body Structure makes it possible to have an Original Trigger Spray Design
    Since the structure of the internal functions and the cover are separated, it is resistant to shock even if it is dropped. Since there is equal thickness , there are no parting lines and is designed so that sharp edges do not hit the hand, there is no pain as such even if used for a long period of time. In addition by adopting a isolated structure, low cost tailor made design specifications can be realized. ( An original design trigger spray may also be made)

    Since the structure of the internal functions and the cover are separated, it is resistant to shock even if it is dropped.
  5. Use of a plastic ball valve
    we offer two types of ball material POM and ABS. You can choose according to your own requirement. if there a need , we can also produce stainless steel ball. (Standard specification POM)
  6. Dip tube correction is not required(PAT.P)
    The discharge direction of the body of the dip tube has been fundamentally corrected.
    When refilling the bottles or replacing the chemical, we have eliminated the hassles of correcting or adjusting the direction of such discharge tube,
  7. Replace the air quickly, double-piston type
    Double-piston type is used to ensure the replacement of air in the bottle, To prevent deformation of the bottle due to changes in air pressure.
  8. Refill cap is also available
    We use PP coat high sheet packing on both sides. KC type M28 Pitch-7.23mm
    triger spray spare cap

  9. Appropriate Nozzle can be selected according to the liquid contents
    Hot stamping or engraving of the nozzle to fit the liquid contents can also be selected.

  10. 3 standard colors
    We offer three colors red, green and blue. (You can also order additional color.)

    different Color can also be ordered separately

Specification sheet for trigger Spray

Mechanism Direct Pressure
Dosage 1.5cc
No. of pieces 400 pcs
Principal dimensions
of Container cap
[KC type]
Outer diameter: φ32.2mm
Screw : φ27.9mm
Thread: φ25.4mm
Packing Height: 14.35mm
Screw pitch: 4.23mm

Bottle neck
Bottle neck
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