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established in september 1962
capital 75 million yen
President Mr. Tetsuro kawano
Dealing bank bank of tokyo mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.
Head office 2-23, Ayukawa 5 chome, ibaraki, osaka-5670831, japan.[Google Maps]
TEL: +81-72-634-3531 FAX: +81-72-635-7166
Ibaraki factory 2-23, Ayukawa 5 chome, ibaraki, osaka-5670831, japan[Google Maps]
Kashiwara factory 16-5, enmyocho, kashiwara-shi, osaka, japan[Google Maps]
Nabari factory 522-80, kuramochi cho harade, nabari-shi, mie, japan [Google Maps]
subsidary companies K&K corporation, Pt. Kohno Indonesia
our main customers Unilever, Toyo Seikan, NS FaFa JAPAN, K&K Corporation
our main suppliers Toyo plastics, nagase plastics, Toyo Ink
Products for sale General caps, pump dispensers, trigger spray, spray mist, one drop pumps, bottles etc.


1962 established in Fukushima Ward, Osaka.
1963 established Ibaraki plant in Ibaraki City,osaka
1967 established LIFEPLATECH CORPORATION Headquarters moved to Ibaraki.
1973 established plant in Kashiwara, Osaka introduced Molding machine in the plant, The introduction of embedded equipment,Built to achieve the automation of the mold.
1988 established Nabari plant in Mie Prefecture.
1989 established K & K Corporation as sales office .
1991 Production and sale of the pump dispenser.
1995 started sales of trigger spray,
Tokyo office was established.
1996 established PT kohno Indonesia. in INDONESIA.
2003 started sales of foam pump.
2004 set up clean room in ibaraki plant
2007 received ISO9001: 2000 certification for Head office, Ibaraki Plant, Nabari Factory . received ISO9001: 2000 certification for Pt. Kohno Indonesia
2008 completed renovation of kashiwara factory to turn it into "new pump dispenser" factory started production and sales of :-
Pump dispenser for cosmetic 1cc "KSK101".
Mini Trigger Spray "KMT300".
Finger Spray "KFS100".
2010 established india liaison office

started production and sales of handy foam pump, nasal spray, long nozzle spray, mini finger spray.

established clean room in nabari factory


We have changed our company's name to LIFEPLATECH CORPORATION.